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July 21-28

Welcome to a groundbreaking project where we redefine the boundaries of musical experiences. We are excited to take you on a journey that transcends traditional concert settings and immerses you in the harmony of nature. Our mission is to unite the world through the universal language of music, and we believe there's no better place to do this than in the breathtaking landscapes of Greece.

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.

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Yacht tour around the Ionian Islands of Greece

Sigá-sigá, or take it easy the Greek way.

Another adventure within the framework of the World Musical Expeditions project will take place in the Ionian Sea. Yes, gentlemen, at sea. Greece is too diverse and interesting to stay in one place. Therefore, with you, we will board a white yacht, set sail, and head towards music, freedom, and impressions.

Over the course of a week, we will visit several islands, some of which you have definitely heard of: Ithaca, Lefkas, Kefalonia. Homer wrote about them, Byzantium, Naples, and Venice fought over them for three hundred years in a row. But that was in the past. In the present, we will find cozy coves, magical beaches, turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, secret concerts in incredible locations, and, of course, sigá-sigá.

Sigá-sigá is the main principle of a happy Greek life. The right to be free from fuss, to have a cup of coffee in the middle of a working day, to have a three-hour lunch – the right to live slowly in order to have time to savor this beautiful life. Our program is designed to see a lot, but not to forget to enjoy: the sea, the sun, long Greek feasts, great company, and amazing music.

what awaits us?

  • A week on a yacht with an experienced skipper;

  • 4 concerts by our musicians in interesting locations;

  • Champagne party at an old lighthouse;

  • The most beautiful sunset in Greece on Myrtos Beach;

  • Barbecue party on a secret abandoned beach.



21 july | day 1
 14:00  Boarding in vliho Lefkada at the base of Sail ionian around
 17:00  Taking of to Nidri bay (20 min sailing), anchoring
 17:40  Groceries, meeting for a drink at Sea View beach hotel
 20:00  Dinner at Maraboo beach restaurant with small concert and welcome party 20:00

22 july | day 2
Morning breakfast at Sea View hotel or on the boats
 10:00  Am sailing to Fiscardo Kefalonia, (aprox.4 hours of sail) 14:00 Mooring and anchoring in Fiscardo and preparing for a concert in the abandoned school in the port, turists are having trip to myrthos beach for a sun set, artists are prepairing for concert at the school 14:00 21:00
 21:00  Concert at the school in fiscardo
 22:00  Dinner at the famous Greek restaurant Tassia followed by night champagne party at the old lighthouse

23 july | day 3
Of to Sami kefalonia (depending on whether conditions) (3 hours of sail aprox) mooring and anchoring
 20:30  Concert at the beach (Sami Music Festival)
 followed by dinner party

24 july | day 4
Sailing to Ithaka Vathi (aprox 8 hours sailing). Possible stops for swimming anchoring.
 19:00  Anchoring or mooring depends on arrival time in Vathi Bay
:30  Dinner at Vathi Taverna (kalkanis)

25 july | day 5
Early morning sailing to castos and calamos islands
 17:00  Anchoring outside of the port and preparing for sunset barbecue party 1
:30  Concert at the abandoned beach and barbecue party

26 july | day 6
Sailing to meganisi island (aprox 4 hours sailing)
. Possible anchorage in Small Vathi bay and early dinner at a fish restaurant.

27 july | day 6
Early morning sail to Papanikolis cave
 15:00  Lunch at Desimi bay and swimming. Musicians are back to Lefkada preparation for gala concert at the base in Vliho.
 20:00  Concert at the quay of sail ionian
:30  Goodbye party and dinner (Maraboo Beach or Taverna Elena)

28 july | day 7
Mooring at the base (call sign Rodney) at 21:00 for check-out and transfer to the airport.

Meet Our Musicians

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Boris Andrianov


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Dimitri Ustinov


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Rony Barrack


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Dmitry Illarionov


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Rastrelli Cello Quartet


For more information and to book a tour,

please contact us.

Olga Yukhnevich   +48 50 078 2073 

Zlata Smirnova     +41 21 552 0770

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