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Ruhnu Island

July 15-17

Welcome to a groundbreaking project where we redefine the boundaries of musical experiences. We are excited to take you on a journey that transcends traditional concert settings and immerses you in the harmony of nature. Our mission is to unite the world through the universal language of music, and we believe there's no better place to do this than in the breathtaking landscapes of Ruhnu island.

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.

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Sitting just off the coast of Latvia, Ruhnu is the southernmost island in Estonia. Often called the pearl of the Gulf of Riga, Ruhnu has fewer than 100 permanent residents. This makes it an ideal place to go for a break from the city. Ruhnu is home to some unique buildings and architecture. On the island, you’ll find the oldest wooden building in Estonia as well as the oldest surviving wooden sanctuary, St. Madeline’s Church. This is a baroque-style church that was built in 1644.

On the island’s highest point, Haubjerre Hill stands the lighthouse designed by the famous engineer Gustav Eiffel. It was made in France and erected on the site of an old wooden building in 1877. Today, it is the only surviving lighthouse of its kind anywhere along the Baltic Sea. For a bit of local culture, visitors can stop by the Ruhnu handicrafts workshop to get some hands-on experience with the island’s heritage. The island is especially popular with nature lovers and hikers. The island's forest is home to several unique plant species that are protected. And along the trails, you can do plenty of bird watching. Limo beach is the best spot for swimming.

For each Expedition, we plan to welcome a limited number of adventurous travellers to become active participants in this unique event. Their contributions to the project will keep the Musical Expedition afloat. Co-expeditioners will have the chance to immerse themselves in the creative atmosphere and savor the distinctiveness of new places.

Besides the opportunity to interact with musicians, our journey will include the organization of local food and drinks, captivating encounters, tales from local residents and unconventional routes. In addition to connecting with musicians wherever we go, we will arrange local food and drinks, intriguing meetings, and stories from local residents for our guests.

Expect unique routes and many more surprises. Moreover, we will be performing as we travel to some of the most breathtaking, remote, and nearby places on the planet, allowing anyone who wishes to listen to our performances.

Join us for an unforgettable experience!

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Meet Our Musicians

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Boris Andrianov



Anna Koshkina


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Andrey Pushkarev


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Dmitry Illarionov


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Janne Thompso



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Arrival on the the Ruhnu islands by the «Palsa» yacht


The music will accompany us throughout our adventure! But you will not be tired of it because our performers areworld-class musicians from different parts of Europe! We will have a small welcome concert on the boat, and then the entire Ruhnu island will become a concert hall forour Musical Expedition: the woods, beach, church, sea, and our souls will be filled with magical sounds.

​​What we have prepared for you
on the tour:

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Breakfast with the best that the island has to offer

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Bicycle excursion on the island with a picnic on the beach

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Sporty games or some activities, like beach cleaning. Lunch-nap break.

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Concert in the nature or if raining in the cultural house

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Dinner on outdoor terrace with really nice ecological wine and local food

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Leaving, truck ride to the harbour


For more information and to book a tour,

please contact us.

Zlata Smirnova     +41 21 552 0770

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